all images © 2010 David Meekison

My art work has been evolving for more than twenty years, and yet, after all these years, art remains part mystery for me - the rules are different and I can express myself in ways I cannot do in word and actions.

Each painting or sculpture begins with planning and studies, but as the work develops, I give free reign to creative urges and impulses such that each piece will evolve to a finished product which, with its roots in the initial studies, will, hopefully, be better than its originating concept. Therefore, much of my creative process emerges as the piece itself progresses. This generates an element of unpredictability in my work which I find exciting and which makes me eager to begin each new creation. When I have completed a piece, I hope I have depicted objects and emotions in new ways to stretch the imagination of the observer and give him/her the sense of excitement I have myself experienced.

I began working at a home studio in Toronto, Canada, shortly thereafter attending the York University Faculty of Arts, and subsequently transferring to the Ontario College of Art and Design from which I graduated in 1994. I then attended the New York School of Visual Arts from which I received a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1997.

In April of 2008, I relocated my studio in to Berlin, Germany, and have subsequently committed myself to further investigating and refining my methods of creative expression.


1998 British Columbia Institute of Technology Welding Program Group, Vancouver, BC
1995-1997 New York School of Visual Arts (NYSVA), Master of Fine Arts, New York City, NY
1994 OCAD Exchange Program, Florence, Italy
1990-1994 Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), Bachelor of Fine Arts, Toronto, ON
1986-1989 York University, Bachelor of Fine Arts, North York, ON
1985-1986 Toronto School of Fine Arts, Toronto, ON